Affiliate Marketing

Only pay when sales takes place – your new, soley sales-oriented distribution network.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Technically, Affiliate Marketing is simple and understandable: A user clicks on a banner ad, which they have seen on the side of a website operator. By taking action (clicking) they will be forwarded to your online store. They carry out an order. The website operators receive remuneration for successfully initiating the sale and you have more sales.

Only pay when a sale takes place

Whilst one pays a predetermined price for click volume or a number of insertions in many marketing channels, only the actual sales in affiliate marketing are charged for through the presence on marketing pages. You do not pay to target a specific audience or to win a certain range, but only per action. This makes budget planning more efficient, because you usually have no fixed costs.

The efficient way to operate sales oriented online marketing

Affiliate marketing is a sales-oriented marketing initiative. Based on years of experience and expertise, we know what is important in the successful implementation of an affiliate program.

Our overall concept includes:

  • Planning and designing a custom affiliate concept
  • Market analysis
  • Advertising material optimization
  • Organization and management of your affiliate activities / your partner program
  • The (technical) connection to your internet presence
  • Arranging topic specific marketing partnerships with relevant websites
  • Monitoring the activities of specially developed tools for subsequent optimization

This will create an advantageous transparency and will be able to offer an unrivaled price-performance ratio.

How we work for your success

The recommendation of your products takes place on billboards of selected sites and relevant topics and at the same time adds value for commercialization.

Our recommendation for your theme world websites are run by professionals who place a high value on a broad reach in its industry segment. Thus, you are best served as part of the site because a continuous structure of activities and a production of all topic related prospects always takes place and is always expanded.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The sales charge is determined by you.
  • You pay no cancellations (for returns and canceled orders, the sale is canceled and therefore no commission is payable).
  • There is marketing on relevant pages that was previously not used by you.
  • The cookie lifetime or visitor session is set at your discretion.
  • There is no charge for clicks or impressions – based on a performance-based billing for validated sale.

Creation of performance-channel “Affiliate Marketing”

The idea of a performance-based compensation was already started some time ago and was brought to life in a conversation between a website operator and the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 1997. The young woman had a website on the subject of divorce and asked Bezos about the possibility of offering her books as part of the Amazon site with a sales commission.

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