Social Media Advertising

Strengthen the brand with social media advertising

With social media advertising, we support you through our various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube & Co. etc in strengthening your brand and take over, if desired, the design and optimization as well as the monitoring and analysis of your social media performance.

Advantages of advertising on social networks

Through the possibility of a precise targeting through social media advertising, the provided budget is used effectively and simultaneously and generates new traffic to your own website / its own online store. The recommendations from friends in the social media channels can be used to increase confidence in your web shop.

Our services

We offer multi-level models in the field of social media advertising, which can of course be varied. As a rule, they are as follows:

  • Analysis on the status quo of your social media channels
  • Concrete recommendations to optimize based on your goals
  • On request, the implementation of these goals (incl. editorial calendar)
  • Training for the creation of Facebook advertisements

Contact us, we are happy to help.