Online-Shop creation

From conception through to the successful marketing of your online store

When you start with online sales of your products, it is important to know today what factors contribute to a successful internet shop and which shop system is suitable for your product or service.

Together we walk you through step by step: design, establishment of clear objectives (that will be achieved with your new e-commerce platform), drawing up a specification and the corresponding implementation of your shop.

We work with the following shop systems for online stores:


We offer an effective web analytics of visitor flows and recommend the right one for your connection of selected payment options.


Years of experience in the workflow between agencies, online shops and marketers are the basis of our concepts. Our strategies are based in the area of ​​user experience and conversion rate optimization on solid know-how. This allows us to draw on proven and successful roll-out strategies for your internet sales presence.



Programmed reactions with modern tools and web frameworks provide a solid and structured basis to create the best conditions for your online store. With the numerous open source solutions that are available to us such as Magento Commerce, Oxid, Shopware and Gambio GX2 we make every wish reality easily and quickly.

If you need assistance in the conception or creation of your online store, please Contact us at any time.