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Google Shopping campaign

In 2014 Google converted the previous “Product Listing Ads” into the new type of campaign “Google Shopping” – with extensive changes and many opportunities for optimization.

The range of results on the search page are significantly high and a major distribution channel for retail customers. It is assumed that the share in the coming months will always continue to increase and also other types of distribution will be possible in the future (e.g. subscriptions models), so that the monitoring of the campaigns, as well as the competitive environment and changes in the specifications, are important.

From data feed to Google Shopping Campaign

The base represents the Google Merchant Centre, where every shop must register. There, the product data are recorded and uploaded in “data feeds”. After the products have been processed correctly and read by Google, special shopping campaigns and shopping ads must be created and structured in Google AdWords.

Google Shopping










Source: www.google.de, 12/08/2014

Our Google Shopping Services

We create, manage and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns, giving you continuously necessary tips and tricks in order to compete with your competitors.

Our range of services includes:

  • Subscription of your site in the Google Merchant Centre
  • Creating a data feed and correct errors
  • Setting up a manual or automatic process (export and update interval)
  • Establishment of an optimal process structure
  • Connection of the Google Merchant Centre with AdWords
  • Creation of Google Shopping campaigns
  • Optimal strategic focusing of campaigns
  • Efficient bid management for each product
  • Daily evaluations and optimization of campaigns
  • Excluding non-targeted or expensive searches
  • Increase the set by Google Limits (more articles, more data feeds etc.)

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