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The expertise of 7 Google Shopping experts in one eBook.

The step-by-step instructions – from the establishment of the data feeds and the Google Merchant Centre all the way to optimising your Google Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping ebookFor all online shop operators

Google Shopping ebookAbout 20 sites concentrated Know-How for Google Shopping optimization

Google Shopping ebookBenefit from our practical experience and our expertise

Google Shopping ebookIncrease your sales through the Google Shopping Channel

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What our Google Shopping eBook includes:

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Setting up the Google Merchant Centre and Data Feed
  • Step 2: Create a data feed
  • Step 3: Upload the Product Feeds
  • Step 4: Linking Google Merchant Centre with AdWords
  • Step 5: Creating a shopping campaign in AdWords
  • Step 6: Structuring one or more shopping campaigns
  • Step 7: Evaluation of key figures
  • Step 8: Exclude articles
  • Step 9: Show and exclude keywords
  • Step 10: Views and support

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What is Google Shopping? Everyone who knows and uses Google search results will have already perceived product advertisements. Here, there are not only different display positions, but also display types. The proportion of the SERPs with Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads) on the shopping campaigns has increased significantly in recent months.

Background: Since 2013, the direct placement of ads through the “Google Merchant Centre” no longer work alone but instead in conjunction with Google AdWords. Google Shopping is therefore now fully subject to charge. Until then, the clicks were free, but since the changeover every click costs money. On the one hand, the quality and timeliness of the indicators has improved (out of necessity, because every advertiser has an interest in current and complete data), on the other hand is to safe to assume that Google optimize Google Shopping ads continuously and the display prominently will be embed – assuming it fits in with the respective requirements.

But how can a online store display product ads? How can I tax, evaluate and ultimately optimize them? In our eBook you’ll find the answers to all these questions!